SVS Men's Team Group Winners in the ECL

The WSA-ladies partner club SVS STRÖCK is already in the semifinals of the European Champions League; now the second WSA partner team, the SVS Niederösterreich men's team has made an important step in this direction.

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Four Matches; Four Wins

WSA-partner association STRÖCK SVS has passed another sporting milestone. In its first year of participation in the European Champions League, Austria's women's champion team won the preliminary round Group A competition, thus reaching the League's semi-finals.

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From victory to victory

The WSA-partner club remains on the road to victory in the Women's European Champions League with a three-set win in the Group A preliminary round.

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The European Championship 2013 has begun. . .

The 2013 European Table Tennis Championships (4th - 13th October) held in the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) in Schwechat has started.

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Daniela Dodean Qualifies for the Top-12

Daniela Dodean, continuously training at the Werner Schlager Academy from the beginning and star player for the partner affiliated SVS STRÖCK team has qualified directly to the European top 12 (February 4- 5 2012 in Lyon) via the December ITTF world rankings.

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WSA youngsters on the way to the top

Ma Long and Ding Ning (both China) lead the ITTF World Rankings in December. For Austria and the training community at the Werner Schlager Academy this month also provided encouraging news of the upper movement of team members Stefan Leitgeb and Simon Pfeffer.

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WSA partner clubs group winners

The group matches in the cross-border Super League are completed and both WSA-partner clubs have - as expected – fixed the win in their preliminary round groups.

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3rd place for Gardos / Habesohn

Great success for Austria's best table tennis doubles Robert Gardos / Daniel Habesohn.

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SVS STRÖCK in the Champion League Semi-final

Success for WSA-partner association STRÖCK SVS! With a 3 – 1 victory in an away match against Gumotex Breclav in the European Champions League, the team is headed for the semi-finals.

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The Champions League blockbuster

Entertainment guaranteed. Top table tennis guaranteed. Fascination guaranteed.

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A Great Day for a Talent

The WSA-partner association SVS STRÖCK seeks to deny Breclav (Czech Republic) on Breclav's home court on Friday (18:00) in the second group match (Group A) in the European Champions League.

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Top Ladies Visit the WSA

On Friday, 18 November, WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK strives for success in Breclav (Czech Republic) in their second match in the Champions League preliminary round in Group A. In their first encounter against Breclav, the Austrian ladies champion won 3 – 0.

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Erwin Pröll first time in the WSA

For the first time since its opening in early 2011, Niederösterreich's Governor Erwin Pröll (ÖVP) visited the Werner Schlager Academy.

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Austria overtakes Hong Kong - No. 5

Austria's men's national team (Werner Schlager, Robert Gardos and Chen Weixing) has improved one position in the ITTF JOOLA Team world rankings, moving from sixth to fifth place.

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WSA players on the rise

The players of the (inter-)national WSA training group have achieved some outstanding leaps upward in the latest ITTF world rankings.

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Two European Champions at PTT Championships in Split

The PTT European Championships took place from the 19th to the 29th of October in Split (CRO). Gold was won by Andreas Vevera in Class 1 and Stanislaw Fraczyk in Class 9.

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Gardos / Habesohn in the Pro Tour Finals

Great success for the Werner Schlager Academy key players Robert Gardos and Daniel Habesohn.

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Lightning visit by the ITTF President in Schwechat

Adham Sharara, president of the ITTF table tennis organization and one of the main contractors of the Werner Schlager Academy, stayed for a few days in Schwechat

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See you in Schwechat

The European Table Tennis Championships in Gdansk are now history. For the WSA (with many happy partnership discussions with equipment vendors and numerous responsible ETTU associations), these championships were a sporting success.

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Dodean leads Romania into the final

A big success for SVS-STRÖCK star Daniela Dodean at the European Championships in Gdansk.

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Medals for WSA Stars

Great achievements for the Werner Schlager Academy players at the European Championships in Gdansk.

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WSA players on a long journey

Excellent results were attained by the international training group from the Werner Schlager Academy so far in the Team Event of the 2011 European Championships in Gdansk.

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European Championships Opener on Saturday

Saturday in Gdansk, Poland starts the 2011 European Table Tennis Championships.

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What a debut

What an impressive debut in the Champions League by Austria's Women's Champion SVS Ströck !

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100 percent Werner Schlager Academy

Gdansk, Poland hosts the European Championships, starting on Saturday, with Austria sending a strong contingent of seven players.

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The Future Has Begun

On Monday at 19:30 in the WSA Hall, Austrias' highly acclaimed table tennis champion team SVS STRÖCK makes its debut in the European Champions League against the strong Czech team Gumotex Breclav in Group A action.

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The European Champions League debut of SVS STRÖCK

On Monday at 19:30 the WSA Hall will be ready: Austria's women's table tennis champion SVS STRÖCK competes in its first match in the European Champions League.

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14 Nations currently train in the WSA

Day by day, the Werner Schlager Academy is growing and growing as the international response to this major ITTF World Training center is nothing short of tremendous.

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Worldwide Coverage

The Chinese Ma Long and Ding Ning are the Austrian Open Champions, an event held at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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Ma Long after winning the Austrian Open is new No.1

There was a particular high tension that was created in the World number one arithmetic prior to the first rally in the men's singles final at the Austrian Open in Schwechat. The winner in China's internal battle between Ma Long and Zhang Jike would decide who the new World number one would be in the October ITTF rankings.

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WSA Players on a Long Journey

Being in amazing shape, the players from the international WSA-training group presented very well in the qualifying rounds of the Austrian Open at the WSA in Schwechat.

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Kreanga's comeback after 39 months

The ITTF Pro Tour in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat – the door is the handle to the table tennis world.

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Fortuna does not wobble

Fortune did not favor local hero Werner Schlager in the draw of the Austrian Open (21 – 25 September. For the tournament in the homeland of the 2003 World Champion in the Werner Schlager Academy located in the Multiversum in Schwechat was randomly assigned as the number 17 seed to play a qualifier in the first round. However, in the next round he plays no less than the reigning World Champion Zhang Jike.

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The Young Guns on the Bench

The international table tennis stars have arrived; the preparatory work in the Werner Schlager Academy and the Multiversum in Schwechat is nearly complete. It is done for the best table tennis players in the world!

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The Stars are There – It Gets Hot

The shuttle drivers are very busy; the hotels are checking in the customers diligently. Table tennis players from 49 countries are approaching Schwechat, from 21 – 25 September, to attend the ITTF Pro Tour tournament at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum.

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Chinese superstars in Schwechat

So now it's official. China's table tennis magician are sending their very best of the best onto the ITTF Pro Tour tournament (21 – 25 September) at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat. Each table tennis fan clucks his tongue while reading the entry list.

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The Incredible Trio

The ITTF Pro Tour tournament in Schwechat (21 – 25 September) stands at present as the best selling tournament of the year, with the stars from China leading the seedings.

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A Star Dish of Schwechat

The September 21 – 25 Austrian Open in the WSA at the Schwechat Multiversum will have an unprecedented number of stars.

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Successful Holiday Games debut at the WSA

Nine weeks of summer can be quite a long time were it not for the inaugural Holiday Games at the WSA for the junior Schwechaters adding entertainment and a good mood.

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Schwechat is the last test before the EC

Though it is still summer, the international table tennis season is slowly coming to an end. The last really big highlight from the European perspective is the European Championships in Gdansk, Poland – October 8 – 16. On the way to these Championships is Schwechat.

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LIEBHERR is major sponsor in Schwechat

The organizers of the Austrian Open – September 21–25 – have achieved a remarkable coup. The Liebherr Group, for many years a major participant in international table tennis events, has become the major sponsor for this $122,000 ITTF Pro Tour event.

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Austrian Table Tennis Association Nominates 17 Players

With the nomination of 17 players, the Austrian Table Tennis Association has a full contingent of representatives for the September 21 – 25 ITTF Pro Tour event at the WSA in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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China's superstars come to Schwechat

For the first time, from September 21 – 25, 2011, an ITTF Pro Tour event will be held at the newly established Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum located in the Austrian city of Schwechat, on the outskirts of Vienna. And now, news has arrived that makes the table tennis heart beat faster.

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A home game with many guests

Between September 21 and 25, the Earth is not flat; and it is not a rotational ellipsoid. At least in and around Schwechat, it is simply a table tennis ball.

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Giant step of Simon Pepper

WSA-player Simon Pfeffer continues to climb the ITTF World Rankings following his strong results in the European Youth Championships in Kazan (especially in the team competition), with the latest gains coming in the August rankings list.

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Hustle and Bustle in the WSA

There is no sign of a lazy summer at the Werner Schlager Academy.

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"World Travel" for the STRÖCK ladies

The cross-border Super League defending champion's SVS STRÖCK begin with their first round travels.

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A Star Dish in Schwechat

It is still about two months until an absolute highlight of competition in 2011. From 21 – 25 September, the $122,000 ITTF Pro Tour event will be held at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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The 2012 Target for Austrian Youth Rise

The conclusion of the Team events at the European Youth Championships in Kazan, Russia established the rankings of the Austrian youth teams.

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SVS-STRÖCK Star new number one

Austrian women's table tennis now has a new number one. Li Qiangbing, the state champion in singles and mixed doubles (with life partner Stefan Fegerl) and under contract with the WSA-partner association SVS STRÖCK,...

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Kazan – The “warm-up” in Schwechat

On Friday, the European Youth Table Tennis Championships began in Kazan, Russia. Austria and the Werner Schlager Academy have a strong team participating, for the first time being represented by the new youth officer ÖTTV-Günter Plattner.

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Only 1 Year Before the European Youth Championships

Only 365 more nights of sleep, then the time will be at hand. On 13 July, 2012, the European Youth Championships will begin at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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Schlager visited Capital Festival

25 years St. Pölten – thus the governor of Lower Austria, Erwin Pröll invited Austria's Table Tennis World and European Champion Werner Schlager to the anniversary party in St. Pölten.

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WSA’s Large Contingent at the EYC

The final phase of preparation for the European Youth Championships in Kazan, Russia (15 – 24 July) has begun. Austria is represented in all four categories (Under 18 boys and girls; Under 15 boys and girls).

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Austrian Men Ranked Number 7 in the World

ITTF JOOLA has released its latest team rankings.

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Galitschitsch already Europe's number 38

Again, the ÖTTV junior hopeful Nicole Galitschitsch has improved her world ranking again with the ITTF July report. The 17 year old, who will compete next season for SVS STRÖCK, improved an amazing 126(!) places to reach a ranking of 385, a career high.

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SVS STRÖCK: Give youth a chance

The WSA partner-association SVS STRÖCK has now been registered for the upcoming season in the cross-border Super League.

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Two winners from Hong Kong

The ITTF World Hopes Week in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat moved to the tournament phase on Saturday and Sunday.

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Rubbing shoulders with international stars

For the next highlight in the ITTF World Hope's Week at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat, Dane Michael Maze and Hungary's Women's European table tennis champion Kristina Toth provided the excitement in a meet and greet with the kids from around the world.

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Werner Schlager and the kids

The Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat is bursting at the seams. In the WSA Training hall, 36 tables are set up for the kids with an additional 15 tables in the Multiversum Event hall.

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Richard Prause against China

WSA Head coach Richard Prause is flying to Shanghai early Wednesday.

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Michael Maze in the WSA

With 78 players from 32 countries participating in the first ever ITTF World Hope's Week, hosted by the Werner Schlager Academy, Schwechat once again becomes the world's center for the sport of table tennis.

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The world comes to Schwechat

For the first time ever, the international governing body of table tennis, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) will be organizing the World Hopes Week, featuring players born in 1999 through 2001. Hosting this event is the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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The Champions League debut of SVS STRÖCK

The decision-makers are still at work finalizing the exact dates for the Champions League. What we do know at this point is that SVS Niederösterreich is in Group A, competing against defending champions Borussia Dusseldorf, Bogoria Grodzisk (Poland) and Istres (France) scores. On the women's side, ...

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Thursday was the Draw

In the seminar room in the Multiversum in Schwechat, the draw for the European Champions League for both the gentlemen and the ladies was made.

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Great Honor for a SVS-STRÖCK-Star

Recently the WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK announced the commitment of Chinese national team member Feng Yalan to the team for next season. She will be the top star for the newly crowed Austrian team champion, a most notable designation.

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Europe looks to Schwechat

The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) will make the Werner Schlager Academy and the Multiversum in Schwechat the center of European table tennis for two days.

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SVS STRÖCK has been upgraded further

Even in the first season after the founding of the WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK, this team has taken over the Austrian women's table tennis, a feat that broke the 14 year dominance of Linz.

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Junior Success!

It was in the spirit of the youth this weekend in the Werner Schlager Academy at the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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Kids days in Schwechat

In the Multiversum in Schwechat, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Werner Schlager Academy, top young players will be on display.

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SVS Ströck is the Master

The changing of the guard is complete. After 14 years of dominance by Linz, the Werner Schlager Academy's women's team SVS STRÖCK has, in its first season, secured the women's league title.

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12 Titles in a Row!

WSA partner men's club SVS Niederösterreich has won, for the 12th time in a row, the Austrian Table Tennis Championships.

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Prestigious Award for WSA head coach Richard Prause

A Prestigious Award for Richard Prause, head coach of the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat. Richard Prause has been selected by the ITTF as the coach of the World team to compete against the great world champion China in Shanghai on 24 – 25 June.

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SVS-men‘s team: 1st final on Thursday

As well as the SVS Ströck ladies also the second WSA-partner club SVS Niederösterreich (men) reached the final of the Austrian Team Championship in a sovereign manner.

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SVS STRÖCK is dreaming of the title

Great success for the WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK. In the very first season this team, the Austrian women singles champion Li Qiangbing, the Romanian superstar Daniela Dodean and Taiwan's Huang Yi-Hua No. 1, reached the final of the Austrian Team Championship.

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VIP Visitors from China

Surprising and important visitors arrived at the Werner Schlager Academy. China's living table tennis legend Zhang Yining, the best table tennis player of all time, four-time Olympic champion, ten-time World champion, four-time World Cup winner, 46-time winner on the ITTF Pro Tour, Asian champion and between 2003 and 2009 almost consistently the number one in the women's world rankings, included in her visit to Austria a trip to the Werner Schlager Academy.

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A World Premiere in Schwechat

During 18 – 26 June at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat a table tennis world premiere will be held: For the first time ever, the ITTF (now ranked as the second-largest sporting federation with 215 member nations) is organizing the World-Hopes-Week and selected the Werner Schlager Academy for its location.

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Championship semi-finals

The WSA-partner associated teams of SVS STRÖCK (women) and SVS Niederösterreich (men) will contest in the semifinals of the Austrian Team Championships in the Werner Schlager Academy at the Multiversum in Schwechat against TTC Villach (women) and Mauthausen (men). Admission is free.

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Olympic tickets for the WSA Stars

Today - one day after the World Cup in Rotterdam – the released world rankings made it clear. It made clear which 28 players receive their direct starting place for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. For the stars of the Werner Schlager Academy it’s time to celebrate.

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From Schwechat to the podium

In the week before the World Cup in Rotterdam, China's table tennis aces practiced and prepared in the Werner Schlager Academy.

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Gala performance after WSA Training

For the Chinese women team at the World Cup the preparation camp in the Werner Schlager Academy obviously was the perfect decision.

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The World Table Tennis Association continues to grow

The International Table Tennis Federation ITTF is now the second largest sports federation in the world. ITTF President Adham Sharara announced during the World Cup in Rotterdam, that, with Wallis & Futuna, Curacao / Netherlands Antilles, Tokelau, Antigua / Bardbados, Mozambiqu, British Virginia and Iceland, new national associations have been included into the World Federation.

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Prause in continuous use

One of the busiest men at the World Cup in Rotterdam is certainly WSA Head coach Richard Prause.

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Start of the World Championship in Rotterdam

This Sunday the 48th World Table Tennis Championship started in Rotterdam. The final phase starts during the mid of this week, the finals are scheduled next weekend.

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Werner Schlager presents donation check

In order to help the victims of the earthquake in Japan the WSA, in cooperation with the partner club SVS Niederösterreich, decided to donate a part of the revenue from the Champions League Semifinal between SVS Niederösterreich and Borussia Düsseldorf on April 6th.

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The week of the stars of China

China's table tennis superstars have arrived in Rotterdam, where the GAC Group World Table Tennis Championships will open on Sunday. Giving them strength was a training week in the Werner Schlager Academy located in Schwechat, an experience that left deep impressions.

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SVS men’s team on the way to win the Super League

The men's team of WSA partner club SVS Lower Austria has a real chance to win again the cross-border Super League.

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China's Elite at Work

Friday evening the China's national table tennis team arrived in Schwechat for the purpose of preparing for the ITTF World Championships in Rotterdam (8 – 15 May) at the Werner Schlager Academy.

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China's Stars are on the Approach

On Friday, 29 April China's Super Stars will arrive at the Vienna-Schwechat airport.

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WSA Youngsters continue their advancement

The most recent ITTF World Ranking list brought another clear improvement in the WSA youngsters Stefan Leitgeb (Tirol) and Simon Pfeffer (Vienna).

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Youth at Work

A Table Tennis Tournament of Youth at Work with the Sports Star Werner Schlager

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Ni hao – Chinese stars in the WSA

There are tremendous expectations for China's team at the World Championships in Rotterdam (8 – 15 May), for they may win (if possible) everything. Their path to the Netherlands, as reported, travels over the Werner Schlager Academy. It is in Schwechat that the China aces will have their final preparations.

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1st title for SVS STRÖCK

About seven months after establishing WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK won its first major title (and besides, it is an international one).

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The Finale

The WSA-partner club SVS STRÖCK will compete on Wednesday (17:00) in the Werner Schlager Academy in the first of the final matches for the title in the cross-border Super League.

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Day of the draw in Schwechat

As the 2010/2011 Champions League season turns into the home stretch, we gaze in the direction of next season. In early September (men) and the end of September (women), the 2011/2012 Champions League begins.

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Newcomer of the month

It is the big hit of the year - SVS Niederösterreich against the Champions league defending champion Borussia Dusseldorf on Wednesday (20:15) in the Multiversum in Schwechat.

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6 questions before April 6th

From 2004 to 2010, Richard Prause was the coach of the German Men's National Table Tennis Team. Under his leadership, the team attained an Olympic silver medal, two silvers in the World Championships, and eight European Championship golds.

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A large WSA-contingent at the World Championships

While China may send only seven players to the individual events in Rotterdam (8 – 15 May) for the World Championships, Austria will be nominating five players for the individual events. A large contingent from the Werner Schlager Academy is being represented at the World Championships in five weeks time.

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A High Honor for the Werner Schlager Academy

After much preparation, the ITTF [International Table Tennis Federation] has brought the new „Hot Spots ITTF Training Center Network“ to life. The purpose of this project is to optimize the training network among the 211 member-nations of the ITTF and link the countries, institutions, and athletes together.

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Youth National Championships in Telfs

The junior athletes in the Werner Schlager Academy training group left an impressive stamp on the Youth National Championships in Telfs.

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China Stars in the WSA

At the World Championships in Rotterdam (8 – 15 May), many are evaluating China's attainment of gold (again).

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Donation to the victims of the tragedy in Japan

In the order of things, it seems it is about wins and losses. Often, it is only the difference of a few millimeters that determines who wins or loses points in the world rankings. And then, suddenly, it all becomes secondary. You turn on the TV and you are shocked by what you see. It is sad and you are stunned.

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Blockbuster on 6 April 2011

On Wednesday, 6 April, a real treat is in store for the table tennis fans as the Multiverse in Schwechat will host the semi-final round of the Champions League between SVS Niederösterreich and the defending champion Borussia Dusseldorf.

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SVS STRÖCK reached the finals

Outstanding success for the WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK!

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Remarkable success for SVS STRÖCK

An outstanding performance by the WSA-partner association SVS STRÖCK in the first leg of the semi-final matches puts one foot into the finals of the cross-border Super League.

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Victory in Wels

It was a festival of success for members of the Werner Schlager Academy training group at the 2011 Austrian Championships in Wels.

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Sensation: Stefan Leitgeb – first time top100

The young Tyrolean Stefan Leitgeb has swung through a sound barrier.

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SVS Ströck in semi-finals of Super League Championships

This year the newly formed SVS STRÖCK team has achieved a fine accomplishment, the semi-finals in the cross-border Super League Championships.

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Galitschitsch climbs up

One of Austria's finest young hopefuls, Nicole Galitschitsch, continues her climb in the ITTF World rankings, moving up an impressive 91 places in the March ranking list, to number 514.

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Schlager against Asia

The Hyundai Euro-Asia Challenge will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

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German Open in Dortmund

As the ITTF Individual World Championships in Rotterdam (8th - 15th of May) approaches, fewer opportunities are available for players to measure themselves against the best prior to this event. Next week, at the ITTF German Open in Dortmund (23rd - 27th February), this tournament offers the last test before the World Cup. Virtually all the top stars will be participating in both events.

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WSA Headcoach Richard Prause in Iran


WSA head coach Richard Prause is currently wearing the training suit of the Iranian club. In autumn 2010, the Werner Schlager Academy signed an agreement (initially until the 2012 Olympics) with the Iranian club.

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The Austrian club has just published its youngest up and coming rankings.

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The WSA Factor

The WSA is still young. Provisional training was started in September 2010 (in a school near the Werner Schlager Academy).

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3rd Place in the top 12

Werner Schlager reached 3rd place in the European Top 12 tournament in Lüttich.

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ITTF-HOPES Workshop 14. - 21.2.2011

From February 14 to 21, an ITTF training camp will be held in the Werner Schlager Academy with young talents from all over the world.

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4.1.2011 JOOLA-European Nations League

In 2011, the WSA hosts international highlights like the JOOLA-European Nations League (4.1.2011), the UNIQA-Youth Top 10 (28.-30.1.2011) as well as the Austrian Open/ Pro Tour (21.-25.9.2011).

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11.1.11 Opening Gala

Stars like Daniela Dodean (Rumania) and Huang Yi-Hua (Taiwan) who are part of the SVS Ströck Club as well as Chen Weixing and Joao Monteiro have already participated in trainings during the last couple of weeks. The constitution of the WSA is eventually finished.→

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