Successful Holiday Games debut at the WSA



Nine weeks of summer can be quite a long time were it not for the inaugural Holiday Games at the WSA for the junior Schwechaters adding entertainment and a good mood.


For the first time in this program, table tennis with the SVS has been included using the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum as the venue and organizer.  And the campaign was a complete success!  Around 40 children (mostly from Schwechat and the surrounding area, but also from Slovakia) were found on Thursday, August 18th, in the WSA.


In the busy confines operating under the guidance of an experienced coaching staff of Dimitrij Levenko, Provas Mondal, Tibor Kun and Andreas van Huck, these kids learned the game of table tennis.  As a momento of their experience, each received a little gift; autographed balls from the great and idolized Werner Schlager.


Happy and smiling faces from all those involved and an unanimous opinion: onward to next year for a new experience!

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