Erwin Pröll first time in the WSA



For the first time since its opening in early 2011, Niederösterreich's Governor  Erwin Pröll (ÖVP) visited the Werner Schlager Academy.


Accompanied by his Staff and ÖAAB General Secretary Luke Mandl, he was inspired by WSA CEO Martin Sörös the WSA office premises and the WSA training hall and show hall.


After the tour, Erwin Pröll had a chance for some small talk with head coach Richard Prause.


That same morning, excellent players from nine different nations were in the training hall, including Austrian team players Daniel Habesohn, Stefan Fegerl, and Li Qiangbing, as well as Portual Joao Monteiro and SVS-STRÖCK star Daniela Dodean from Romania.


At the time of Dr. Erwin Pröll visit, Werner Schlager himself was on a flight to Bahrain for the World Junior Championships, where he will handle various negotiations for the WSA.


While watching the strong training, Dr. Erwin Pröll was deeply impressed by the performances, joking "I'm afraid at this rate, I could not really keep up,"  This is not really a shame . . . .    

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