Gala performance after WSA Training



For the Chinese women team at the World Cup the preparation camp in the Werner Schlager Academy obviously was the perfect decision.

At the World Cup in Rotterdam the Chinese players demonstrated their force.



Seven players participated in the individual competition and all seven reached the quarter-finals, the round in which eight players remain.

Li Xiaoxia, Guo Yan, Ding Ning, Guo Yue, Liu Shiwen, Wu Yan and Fan Ying were - as expected - almost in a league of its own. It hasn’t been a big surprise when considering the impressions they have left behind in the WSA.

Austria's national champion Li Qiangbing (SVS STRÖCK) played a good World Cup, reached after a surprising 4-3 win over Japan's Yuka Ishigaki, the round of 32 but eventually lost against the German ex-European champion Wu Jiaduo.

Li Qiangbing was allowed to join the World Cup preparations with the Chinese Team in Schwechat.

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