SVS STRÖCK: Give youth a chance



The WSA partner-association SVS STRÖCK has now been registered for the upcoming season in the cross-border Super League.


In the first year of their founding (2010/2011), the  SVS STRÖCK team secured the title.  In September, the defense of the title will begin, with the other teams targeting  SVS STRÖCK to knock them off the top.


Meanwhile, the entire squad of players has been finalized:

Nicole Galitschitsch, Valerie Tischler, Judit Herczig, Li Qiangbing (all Austria), Fan Ying, Feng Yalan, Jiang Xue (all China), Daniela Dodean (Romania), Huang Yi-Hua (Taiwan), Valentina Popova (Slovakia).


The coaching team are the same head coach Liu Yan Jun and assistant Provas Mondal.

Barbara Halper as a physiotherapist will remain on board.

With the SVS-STRÖCK team, ÖTTV-youth-team players Tischler and Galitschitsch will be afforded great opportunities for international assignments. 

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