The Incredible Trio



The ITTF Pro Tour tournament in Schwechat (21 – 25 September) stands at present as the best selling tournament of the year, with the stars from China leading the seedings.


Following China are the European aces plus stars from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and others.



Three men the table tennis fans in Schwechat can definitely also look forward to: Jörgen Persson, Zoran Primorac, Jean Michel Saive.


What is special about these three?  Apart from the fact that these exceptional players from Sweden, Croatia, and Belgium have celebrated their incredible career success with numerous European and World Championship medals, they also stand out from the field for other reasons.  Persson, Primorac and Saive are the only three table tennis players in the world who have managed to qualify for all of the Summer Olympics since the introduction of table tennis competitions in 1988; 1988 (Seoul), 1992 (Barcelona), 1996 (Atlanta ), 2000 (Sydney), 2004 (Athens), 2008 (Beijing). And in 2012 the magnificent trio will be there in London.


Along the way to London, the three will check out their form in Schwechat.  This is worth watching for the table tennis fans.


Tickets are available starting at 3 €.
World-class table tennis like never before at prices like never before.

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