A Star Dish of Schwechat



The September 21 – 25 Austrian Open in the WSA at the Schwechat Multiversum will have an unprecedented number of stars.


World Champions from China are the top seeds in both the men and women, but the remaining field is the very best there is.


A look at the team world ranking shows that of the 30 strongest table tennis nations in the world, only North Korea (who can not send players to the ITTF Pro Tour) will not be represented in the Austrian Open.


Otherwise, everything is possible with the finest in table tennis rank and name: The aces from China, from Japan (with their national heroes Ai Fukuhara and Jun Mizutani), and from Korea (with the 2004 Olympic champion Ryu Seung Min), from Germany and also from Austria, now ranked 6th in the World, and Russia.


So, a visit to the Pro Tour is a safe bet for a great time, and the tickets are priced from € 3! 

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