A home game with many guests



Between September 21 and 25, the Earth is not flat; and it is not a rotational ellipsoid.  At least in and around Schwechat, it is simply a table tennis ball.


The guest then will be the ITTF Pro Tour event, held for the first time in Schwechat at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum.


At stake is $122,000 in prize money and many world ranking points.


Around 400 players are expected for this tournament as the final test before the European Championships in Gdansk in October.  Many will come because of curiosity, as in recent months they have heard much about the WSA and they want to be here to take a picture.  Others will be here to evaluate their form prior to the European Championships, or because of the prospect for world ranking points, or because of the prize money.


Some do not need to come, because they are already here.  Players from all over the world will be at the Austrian Open in September with a home court advantage.  In addition to Austria's elite, which will be spearheaded by Werner Schlager (SVS Niederösterreich) and Austrian national champion Li Qiangbing (SVS STRÖCK), there are also many stars on the scene right at the doorstep.


These are the stars in the international WSA-training group: Daniela Dodean (SVS STRÖCK, Romania), who lives in Schwechat two blocks away from the WSA; also, Mihai Bobocica (Italy), Joao Monteiro (Portugal), Mattis Burgis (Latvia), William Henzell (Australia), Pradebaan Peter-Paul (Canada), Darius Knight (England), Jiang Xue (China).  They are all examples of who will be in Schwechat for the event.  Finally, there will likely be China's team world champion Fan Ying, who will play Champions League and Super League matches in the days before and the days after the Pro Tour event for SVS STRÖCK.


Therefore, there is a great deal of comings and goings with the WSA in September, respectively as for the WSA training group they stay...  

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