SVS STRÖCK has been upgraded further



Even in the first season after the founding of the WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK, this team has taken over the Austrian women's table tennis, a feat that broke the 14 year dominance of Linz.


Daniela Dodean, Li Qiangbing and Huang Yi-Hua secured both the Austrian championship title and the overall victory in the cross-border Super League.


Now the SVS STRÖCK project, in cooperation with the Werner Schlager Academy, is developing further.


First, a most spectacular upgrade takes place in the international sector: Fan Ying (who is undefeated for 5 years against all non-Chinese players) and Feng Yalan have been attracted to Schwechat as new team members.


Second, an even greater emphasis on the youth will take place, with Nicole Galitschitsch (the dominant number 1 in Austria's youth) and  Student National Champion Valerie Tischler joining the team.  


The objectives for the coming season are clearly defined.  SVS STRÖCK I will defend her title, making stops in international competitions (Super League and Champions League) seeking the best possible results.


On the other hand, SVS STRÖCK II will be used to develop the younger players and give opportunities to other players in the Austrian Cup (in which Jiang Xue and veterans Judit Herczig and Valentina Popova will be used.)


The WSA SVS STRÖCK women's project enters its next phase with great ambitions, seeking to make the next jump in Austria's women's table tennis.

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