Start of the World Championship in Rotterdam



This Sunday the 48th World Table Tennis Championship started in Rotterdam. The final phase starts during the mid of this week, the finals are scheduled next weekend.
Many players that are either permanently practicing in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat, or just had their final preparations for this tournament in the WSA, take part in this enormous event.

Austria's national team:
Weixing Chen, Daniel Habesohn, Stefan Fegerl (all SVS Niederösterreich), also take part as well as Feng Xiaoquan (Froschberg Linz) and Robert Gardos. Austria's number three has announced to move to Schwechat this summer and to become a player of the WSA. He will also continue to be a permanent ESC player. Austria's only woman taking part, Li Qiangbing (SVS STRÖCK), is living in Schwechat since almost 2 years.

China's National team:
The best players and players in the world practiced in the WSA for one week and had their final preparations for the World Cup.. Wang Hao, Ma Long, Wang Liqin, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and all the others are once again in Rotterdam the overwhelming favorites in the tournament. The biggest enemy for the (men's) team from China: Timo Boll. China's women's team again seems to be untouchable.

Iran's national team:
Iran has a contract with the WSA (valid until at least 2012 Olympics). Noshade Alamiyan and his colleagues were preparing for the World Cup in Schwechat as well. Iran is also being coached in Rotterdam by WSA-Head Coach Richard Prause.

William Henzell, the number one from the Down Under, stayed over in Schwechat for several days. In the future he will live in Schwechat, practice permanently and will also join an Austrian club to play in the national league.

As well Italy's number one, Mihai Bobocica is going to become a citizen of Schwechat this summer.  He has already found an apartment. Before the World Cup he spent a few days practicing in the Werner Schlager Academy.

Padebaan Peter-Paul wants to qualify via the WSA for the London Olympics in 2012 and is already since autumn 2010 WSA guest.

Mattis Burgis, number one and talent for the future in Latvia, has also pitched his tents already in Schwechat. For several days he lives and practices with us.
Joao Monteiro joined the WSA in September 2010. He lives a few minutes from the Werner Schlager Academy and also belongs to the selected group of those who were allowed to practice in the week before the World Cup with the stars of China. Joao Monteiro participates in Rotterdam in singles and in doubles with his compatriot Tiago Apolonia.

Daniela Dodean, is star player of SVS STRÖCK and (together with Joao Monteiro) lives in Schwechat since September 2010. In Rotterdam she wants to get her fix ticket for the Olympic Games 2012 in London. With her partner Elisabetha Samara, Dodean belongs to one of the best doubles in Europe. Dodean also had the opportunity to practice in the "China Week" with the best women in the world.

Huang Yi-Hua, Taiwan's number one and player of SVS STRÖCK, practices quiet often in the WSA due to her membership in the Austrian club. It is almost certain that she will participate in London 2012 and together with her partner Chen I-Ching they form a world class double.

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