Kazan – The “warm-up” in Schwechat


On Friday, the European Youth Table Tennis Championships began in Kazan, Russia.


Austria and the Werner Schlager Academy have a strong team participating, for the first time being represented by the new youth officer ÖTTV-Günter Plattner.


The best performers in the WSA-training group are Nicole Galitschitsch (SVS STRÖCK), Melanie Luginger (both juniors), Valerie Tischler (SVS STRÖCK) and Karoline Mischek with Stefan Leitgeb and Simon Pfeffer (both juniors) as well as Florian Hofmann (SVS Niederösterreich) and David Klaus (both students).


Kazan is a dress rehearsal for the 2012 European Youth Championships (13 – 22 July), hosted by the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.


We will keep the table tennis fans informed of the results from Kazan on our website: www.wernerschlageracademy.com

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