Werner Schlager and the kids


The Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat is bursting at the seams.


In the WSA Training hall, 36 tables are set up for the kids with an additional 15 tables in the Multiversum Event hall.


The ITTF World Hope's Week, with up to 90 kids from 32 countries, plus the regular WSA facility training group (including the national team of Qatar and the student-national teams from Austria and the Czech Republic, the ÖTTV Youth National Team of the girls, and guests from Slovakia and Thailand) makes this the first time in the young history of the WSA that we are (almost) at our capacity limit.


The “Star of the Day” at the World Hopes-Week Training was none other than World and European Champion Werner Schlager giving the kids from around the world (born in the years 1999 to 2001) a lesson in serving and service reception.  The kids stood in the crowd with their mouths open, with the cameras clicking from the players traveling companions.  And many then spontaneously broke into cheers when one of the players (after several attempts) managed to return a service.


Other top international players will be coming to the World Hopes-Week in Schwechat.  Croatia's former number two in the world Tamara Boros was deeply impressed and on Thursday the European Champions Denmark's Michael Maze and Hungary's Krisztina Toth add to the stars at the WSA.


All are thanked by the glowing eyes of the children.


Upon the completion of the Hopes-Week, a tournament will be played on Saturday and Sunday.

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