Four Matches; Four Wins




WSA-partner association STRÖCK SVS has passed another sporting milestone.  In its first year of participation in the European Champions League, Austria's women's champion team won the preliminary round Group A competition, thus reaching the League's semi-finals.




In the last group match on Monday night against the Hungarian champions Budaörsi SC held at the Werner Schlager Academy, it was a 3-0 success for SVS.  China Team World Champion Fan Ying, Austria's national champion Li Qiangbing and the famed Schwechaterin Daniela Dodean all won points in a show of impressive power.


In the semi-finals (mid-January away) and at the end of February at home in Schwechat, SVS STRÖCK likely will encounter Linz Froschberg, with its half decade of domination in the Champions league.


All the details about the games against Linz will be made public after negotiations with the ORF, which plans on broadcasting the matches live.


In addition, even though the men's team of SVS Niederösterreich won their last preliminary group round at home (3 – 0 against Istres),  Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Daniel Habesohn and Stefan Fegerl must now win on Friday in Bogoria (Poland) to make the longed-for promotion to the quarterfinals.  Difficult, but possible.   


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