Schwechat is the last test before the EC



Though it is still summer, the international table tennis season is slowly coming to an end.  The last really big highlight from the European perspective is the European Championships in Gdansk, Poland – October 8–16.



On the way to these Championships is Schwechat.


In the Multiversum in Schwechat is the ITTF Pro Tour event hosted by the Werner Schlager Academy from September 21 – 25, marking the last test before the continental championships.  It is no wonder that the aces of Europe are coming in droves to this opportunity to once again make Schwechat the capital of the table tennis world.


Among others, from Germany will be the several European team champion Dimitri Ovtcharov.  The German Federation has already registered him.


Ovtcharov, famous on the ITTF tour for his combative playing style is a great entertainer.  He will be challenging the aces from China and the large contingent from Austria.  He is a major contender in the European Championships and a threat to Germany's exceptional player Timo Boll.


And the best part of this Pro Tour showdown in the WSA: prices that everyone can afford!

Category 1 (up to 18 years / senior citizens aged 60):
Wed / Thurs € 3 per
Fri / Sat / Sun € 5 each
Season ticket (all 5 days) € 15
Association Action / Tickets: 5 for € 60

Category 2 (adult):
Wed / Thurs € 5 each
Fri / Sat / Sun each € 10
Season ticket (all 5 days) € 25
Association Action / Tickets: 5 for € 100

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