The Austrian club has just published its youngest up and coming rankings.

They are dominated over long periods of time by players that belong to the training group of the Werner Schlager Academy and some have improved considerably since the opening of the WSA.


Andreas Levenko (Salzburg) also heads up the under 13 rankings as one of these pupils (under 15). The two young players Florian Hofmann and David Klaus, who also belongs to the WSAs regular training guests, are on his heels.


Simon Pfeffer (Vienna) is number 1 in the under 18 rankings. He is followed by Stefan Leitgeb from Tyrol, an additional player from the WSA group.


Nicole Galitschitsch (Steiermark) is the clear number 1 among the female youth. Additional WSA training group players are in the wings at ranks two (Marianne Schwaiger) and four (Melanie Luginger).

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