Only 1 Year Before the European Youth Championships



Only 365 more nights of sleep, then the time will be at hand.  On 13 July, 2012, the European Youth Championships will begin at the Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum in Schwechat.


Over 600 young players from all over Europe, plus an additional 500 coaches, officials, referees, employees of equipment supplier companies and fans will be in Schwechat for more than a week (until 22 July 2012) in an atmosphere of a (friendly) madhouse.


All hotels in and around Schwechat will be fully booked for almost 14 days, making Schwechat the sports center of Europe.


Austria will be able to compete at the European Youth Championships in its own country with a huge contingent of participants.  Austria will be strongly represented in all events  (girls and boys students, girls and boys youth, team competitions.)


In the middle of the Austrian player group will be a strong delegation from Schwechat and the training group from the Werner Schlager Academy.  From the current perspective,  the greatest hope will come from Schwechater high school player Nicole Galitschitsch, Melanie Luginger, Stefan Leitgeb, Simon Pfeffer and Andreas Levenko.  Also, probably participating will be Florian Hofmann (SVS Niederösterreich) and Valerie Tischler (SVS STRÖCK).


Austria's young players have improved since the founding of the Academy in late 2010.  Werner Schlager may indeed be credited with challenging the “little ones” to greatness in the year of the openings.


We will keep you informed on the Werner Schlager Academy website of the latest developments.


As mentioned: In exactly one year, Europe will be the guest of Schwechat.  It is the taking part that is (almost) everything.... 

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