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The WSA is still young. Provisional training was started in September 2010 (in a school near the Werner Schlager Academy). Training could be held at the WSA training hall for the first time at the end of November. At the end of 2010, Werner Schlager and his high-calibre international training team, with Dirk Wagner, Richard Prause, Mario Amizic, Provas Mondal and Dimitrij Levenko, . . . started full operation.

Nine players are part of the WSA from the beginning, are in the Werner Schlager Academy every day. The competition and relaxing program is coordinated by WSA staff. After a couple months we saw initial and very pleasing results.

All nine players have improved their world rankings since the beginning of their cooperation with the WSA. Some of them exorbitantly.


Nicole Galitschitsch (Steiermark): In September 2010 she was ranked number 834 in the world, in November she ranked 974. Today she is already ranked at 605 - she has climbed up 229 levels. 


Melanie Luginger (Salzburg): Although she had some problems with injuries, she climbed from 870th place (in September 2010) to 854th (November) and is currently ranked 837th - up 33 places. 


Li Qiangbing (Lower Austria): Had intensive back problems during the second half of 2010 and still managed to climb from rank 76 (September 2010) to rank 68 (today) – climbing 8 rankings. 


Daniela Dodean (Romania / SVS STRÖCK): Although already ranked highly, the two-time EM medal winner from 2010 manage to improve from rank 40 (November) to rank 32 (today) - climbing 8 places. 


Stefan Leitgeb (Tyrol): The ninth placed in the Olympic Youth games of 2010 in Singapore last had a sensational victory in the UNIQA European Youth Top 10 against the Swede Hampus Söderlund and improved from rank 804 (November 2010) to rank 743 (currently) - climbing 61 places.


Simon Pfeffer (Vienna): Was victorious (for the first time in his young career) at the ÖTTV youth super league and improved from place 994 (November 2010) to rank 929 (today) - climbing 65 places.


Stefan Fegerl (Lower Austria): The ÖTTV team player had a great start in the WSA. He was still number 214 in the world in September 2010 and today is ranked 161 - climbing 53 places.


Daniel Habesohn (Lower Austria): The SVS Lower Austrian players also managed a quantum leap. He was number 171 in the world in September 2010 and today is ranked 100 - climbing 71 places.


Joao Monteiro (Portugal): The nationally ranked number 3 lives and trains in Schwechat and improved from place 68 (November 2010) to rank 65 (today) - climbing 3 places.

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