Galitschitsch already Europe's number 38



Again, the ÖTTV junior hopeful Nicole Galitschitsch has improved her world ranking again with the ITTF July report.  The 17 year old, who will compete next season for SVS STRÖCK, improved an amazing 126(!) places to reach a ranking of 385, a career high.



Since her introduction in the Werner Schlager Academy in late summer 2010, Galitschitsch, who has since begun school in Schwechat, has advanced an incredible 458 (!) places upward.

Starting at number 385 in the world ranking goes hand in hand with a more striking improvement in the Under-18 World Ranking (from 152 to 96).

Within Europe, Galitschitsch, in the Under-18 rankings, already ranked 38th.

Not a bad sign in terms of the European Youth Championships in July 2012 in Schwechat. . .

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