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Gdansk, Poland hosts the European Championships, starting on Saturday, with Austria sending a strong contingent of seven players.  For the men, in attendence will be Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Stefan Fegerl, Daniel Habesohn (all SVS Niederösterreich), Robert Gardos  (Chartres ASTT / Frankreich) and Feng Xiaoquan (Froschberg Linz).


For the ladies, a full nomination will participate in the team competition.  Only Li Qiangbing (SVS STRÖCK) will compete in the individual competition.


What do all these players have in common?  All of them spend their table tennis life in Schwechat at the Werner Schlager Academy training to develop their careers under the guidance of WSA-head coach Richard Prause and Dirk Wagner.


Other permanent WSA players that are also registered in the championships are: Daniela Dodean (SVS STRÖCK / Romania), Mattis Burgis (Latvia), Darius Knight (England), Mihai Bobocica (Italy), Joao Monteiro (Portugal), Samuel Novota (Slovakia).  Daniela Dodean's doubles partner, Elisabeth Samara recently trained for a few weeks at the WSA.


For understandable reasons, WSA players not attending the European Championships are Fan Ying and Jiang Xue (both China), William Henzell (Australia) and the two 15-year-old Japanese Yuto Muramatsu and Asuka Sakai, who once, in the Under-15 world ranking, stood number three and four and are now living in Schwechat.

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