Lightning visit by the ITTF President in Schwechat



Adham Sharara, president of the ITTF table tennis organization and one of the main contractors of the Werner Schlager Academy, stayed for a few days in Schwechat.


This mighty man from Canada, he heads the second largest sports federation in the world with 215 member countries, visited the ITTF European office (one floor above the offices of the Werner Schlager Academy) together with ITTF CEO Judit Farago, ITTF Competition Manager Karl Jindrak and some other ITTF staff for numerous conferences on a range of matters.  Secondly, Sharara met with Werner Schlager and CEO Martin Sörös to discuss the future of the sport and further expansion of cooperation between the ITTF and the WSA.


The ITTF has indeed proclaimed the Werner Schlager Academy one of four Category A training centers in the world and, in so doing, always seeking to assign high-profile events to Schwechat.


As part of his Vienna-Schwechat visit, the ITTF President visited with Stefano Bosi, the Italian President of the ETTU, the European Table Tennis Union.

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