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In the week before the World Cup in Rotterdam, China's table tennis aces practiced and prepared in the Werner Schlager Academy.

As well as the Chinese ladies (gold, silver, 2bronze medals, sevenplayersin the quarter-finals) also the chinese men’s team showed off at the World Cup. Apparently the practice in the WSA was beneficial to them.

The new world champion is Zhang Jike. He defeated the former world champion Wang Hao12:10, 11:7, 6:11, 9:11, 11:5 and 14:12. Bronze went to Ma Long (China) and European champion Timo Boll.

In the men's doubles gold went to (Ma Long/Xu Xin) and silver (Chen Qi/MaLin) to China.

China's leadership team has announced in Rotterdam already that they are looking forward to coming to the WSA in the future again.

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