Rubbing shoulders with international stars



For the next highlight in the ITTF World Hope's Week at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat, Dane Michael Maze and Hungary's Women's European table tennis champion Kristina Toth provided the excitement in a meet and greet with the kids from around the world.


Among the festivities, Schlager and Maze played a short set (12:10 and 7:10) and an exhibition moderated by ITTF Education Manager Mikael Andersson, Maze and Toth, in an interview with the kids, coaches and other attendees, revealed some of the secrets to their career.  Michael Maze indicated at a young age he smashed many rackets.  Then he heard Werner Schlager report he had a “relaxed” feeling in the finals of the 2003 World Championships and this helped him develop the same demeanor.


Finally, the children from the 32 countries had the opportunity for some photos, collect autographs and exchanged many t-shirts.


The bottom line is a (further) enjoyable evening during the ITTF World Hope's Week and an extra motivation before the tournament on Saturday and Sunday.

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