A High Honor for the Werner Schlager Academy



After much preparation, the ITTF [International Table Tennis Federation] has brought the new „Hot Spots ITTF Training Center Network“ to life.  The purpose of this project is to optimize the training network among the 211 member-nations of the ITTF and link the countries, institutions, and athletes together.


From this day forward, young players from all over the world will be sent to these centers and be directed by the finest in professional services.  A particular focus will be placed on the education and development of coaches.


Most assuredly, the term „ITTF Hot Spot“ will be a highly sought-after sport's credential and recognition.


28 candidates from 18 countries submitted the appropriate documents to the ITTF for the selection process.  From this, the ITTF has introduced its „Training Center Network“ with a set of categorizations to distinguish among the centers selected.


22 centers have been recognized by the ITTF.  Only 4 of these 22 have been placed into the highest division, Category A.


We are proud to announce the Werner Schlager Academy, recently completed and opened at the end of 2010 in Schwechat, was immediately selected as one of the Great 4 in Category A.  This designation, among many other things, means we are a very important partner with the ITTF for the further development of international table tennis and anticipate in advance of the 2012 Olympic Games in London a number of top-class training courses at the WSA.


In addition to the Werner Schlager Academy, the other centers selected for the Category A are: the Liebherr Masters College in Ochsenhausen, the „INSEP-Paris“ center in France, and the „TC TTA Guangzhou“ in China.


Werner Schlager, from whom the center is named, said „It is beautiful to be included in this elite group representing the world's top in international table tennis.“


WSA head coach, Richard Prause, was delighted with the recognition by the ITTF: „The world and all the ITTF national associations and their players can be assured that we will do everything possible to develop every single player who trains with us.  We strongly desire to make our contribution to improve our sport's popularity around the world.“

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