Austrian Table Tennis Association Nominates 17 Players



With the nomination of 17 players, the Austrian Table Tennis Association has a full contingent of representatives for the September 21 – 25 ITTF Pro Tour event at the WSA in the Multiversum in Schwechat.




Men's division and Under 21 men:

Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Robert Gardos, Daniel Habesohn, Stefan Fegerl, Feng Xiaoquan, Martin Storf, Dominik Habesohn, Mathias Habesohn, Dominik Plattner, Martin Heimberger, Stefan Leitgeb, Simon Pfeffer.


Women's division and Under 21 women:

Li Qiangbing, Nicole Galitschitsch, Melanie Luginger, Karina Kovacs


The Austrian aces will meet the best in the world.  For example, already China's leadership team has announced it will send a strong delegation, peppered with world champions, to Schwechat.  All in all, 450 athletes from 40 countries are expected.


At stake is $122,000 in prize money and a lot of world ranking points.


The ORF will broadcast the table tennis spectacle in the large area of the Werner Schlager Academy, with a total of 14 hours scheduled for viewing.  Links will be provided for China's national sports channel

CCTV 5, Shanghai TV, Tokyo TV and Al Jazeera.


And Austria's table tennis fans are waiting for a treat - at affordable prices!

Category 1 (up to 18 years / senior citizens aged 60 or older):
Wed / Thurs  3 € each
Fri / Sat / Sun  5 € each
Event ticket (all 5 days) 15 €
Association Action / Tickets: 5 for 60 €

Category 2 (adult):
Wed / Thurs 5 € each
Fri / Sat / Sun 10 € each
Season ticket (all 5 days) 25 €
Association Action / Tickets: 5 for 100 €

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