Mission: CL semi-final completed

WSA partner club SVNÖ Ströck has sensationally reached the Champions League semi-final with the last chance.

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Photo: K. Bartuschek

Visit at the highest level

Some spectacular visitors arrived at the Werner Schlager Academy for the Champions-League match SVNÖ Ströck against Szekszard AC.

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SVNÖ Ströck team
Photo: K. Bartuschek

First victory for SVNÖ Ströck

Finally they made it! With a brilliant performance the SVNÖ Ströck team won their first match in the current Champions League season. Therefore they had to fight hard against the guests from Szekzard AC.

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Lea Rakovac
Photo: Bartuschek

6 WSA talents travel to Shanghai

Entire 6 players represent the international WSA training group at the „Wisdom Youth World Championships 2014” in Shanghai.

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SVNÖ Ladies on the rise

After the restructuring the SVNÖ Ströck team started with a rebuilt and rejuvenated team into the new season 2014/2015. The reigning Austrian champion has still two Champions League matches in this year and is willing to fight for the qualifications for either the Champions League semi-final or the ETTU-Cup which was won by the STRÖCK team in the last season.

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WSA Head Coach Richard Prause coaches Europe

WSA Head Coach Richard Prause was accorded the honour of coaching the European team against the Asian team in the Euro-Asia competition at the following weekend in the Chinese Zhang Jia Gang.

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Suddenly Lennox Lewis appeared in the WSA!

On Tuesday evening the WSA employees were amazed at what they saw. Suddenly a tall and muscularly stood in the WSA table tennis shop “Go Sports” who just wanted to buy a blade and some table tennis rubbers. Nothing spectacular as one may say.

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SVNÖ Ströck ladies fought bravely

WSA’s partner club SVNÖ STRÖCK fought bravely in the first home match of the current European Champions League against the favourite team KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg (Poland). After more than three hours they lost unfortunately with 2-3 points.

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Ströck Team 2013/2014
Ströck Team 13/14

Likeable award for SVNÖ Ströck

Austria’s Champion in the women’s Bundesliga has won the ETTU Cup which is the first big title for the club in the last season. Therefore the team was nominated for the election “Sportsman of the Year 2014” of Lower Austria and could win a place among the Top 5 teams in Lower Austria

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World Cup Fever in Düsseldorf and Linz

At the Men’s World Cup in Düsseldorf (24. – 26. Oct) the international training group of the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) is represented by two famous players: Austria’s number one Robert Gardos and Portugal’s newly European Team Champion Marcos Freitas.

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CL-Highlight at WSA

WSA partner club SVNÖ STRÖCK is confronted with a big task – the home match premiere in the new Champions League season 2014/2015. On Monday, Oct 27, 2014 (19.00 / 7 p.m.) the Austrian Champion and reigning ETTU-Cup Winner SVNÖ Ströck welcomes the Polish Champion KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg.

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New Coach for WSA: Neven Cegnar

Neven Cegnar, who has been Croatian national team coach for 23 years and mainly responsible for the success story of the former world no. 2 and bronze medallist Tamara Boros, will reinforce the WSA coach team in July 2015.

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ITTF hosts seminar at WSA

In the last week the ITTF hosted a ITTF Competition Manager seminar from 6th to 8th October at WSA in Schwechat. Prospective Competition Managers from all world participated in the 3-day event.

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WSA Table Tennis School ready for 2015!

Just in time the WSA Table Tennis School has finished the scheduling for 2015. From now on we publish our new schedule, flyer and concept online on our website.

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Awesome Triumph for SVNÖ STRÖCK Stars

A great victory has been achieved by a young player, who has recently joined the international WSA training group in summer 2014. Lea Rakovac, 17-year-old Croatian who plays in the season 2014/2015 for the Austrian national champion SVNÖ STRÖCK, won the European Top 10 tournament.

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Marcos Freitas

Two Schwechat-based won EC-gold

The athletes of the Werner Schlager Academy were able to celebrate great successes at the European Table Tennis Team Championships in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Andre Levenko

Andre Levenko wins the Croatia Open!

Andreas Levenko is making headlines in Varaždin (Croatia). The rookie from the Werner Schlager Academy was in a dramatic final able to decide the Croatia Junior Open for himself, and win the first major title in his career.

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Chen Weixing

22 WSA stars at European Team Championships in Lisbon in action

5 female and 5 male players - this is the contingent's limit for every nation at the Table Tennis European Team Championships (24th - 28th September 2014) in Lisbon. Consequently the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) located in Schwechat / Austria will have the biggest team in the competition.

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Historical signing of a contract between the WSA and the city of Schwechat

With great pleasure we announce that the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) and the City of Schwechat have signed a long-awaited cooperation agreement, which grants a maximum of peace and security for all project partners in the next years.

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5.000 and no end in sight!

The Facebook site of the Werner Schlager Academy was able to set another record and broke new barriers.

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Photo: ITTF

Marcos Freitas wins Czech Open 2014!

The new season 2014/2015 begins for Marcos Freitas exactly like the last season has ended: with a huge success! The 26-year old Portuguese won the Czech Open in Olomouc and was able to celebrate several premieres.

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Bravo Mo!

Werner Schlager Academy is very proud of “WSA-Baby” Tamolwan Khetkuen who has participated in the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China from 16th till 28th August. Tamolwan – nickname “Mo” – has practiced at Werner Schlager Academy continuously since 2010 and had no problems to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing.

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WSA goes Olympia

Werner Schlager Academy participates with a real strong „team“ in the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing (China). Six players who practice regularly at WSA will fight from August 17th till August 28th 2014 for the desirable Olympic medals in the Chinese metropolis.

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Foto: Danny Reed

Successful Commonwealth Games 2014 for Danny Reed

It is one of the biggest events for the countries that has belonged and still belong to the British Commonwealth: The Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. All in all 17 sports participate in this fantastic event and our WSA-player Danny Reed could achieve two medals in table tennis. The likeable right hander, who has practiced regularly at WSA since one year, has won two medals for England, one in the mixed and one in the team competition.

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WSA starts a spectacular collaboration with Chengdu

Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) in Schwechat has started a spectacular collaboration with the Chinese metropolis Chengdu-Xindu this week. The cooperation started with a one-week training camp from a group of young Chinese players. Coach of the group was the well-known Olympic champion in 1988, Chen Longcan.

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Free training session in St. Veit

The winner of the WSA raffle for a free training session was the table tennis club St. Veit an der Gölsen...

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WSA player performed well in Stockerau

In a total of 11 competition classes the Austrian disabled championships were held in Stockerau last weekend.

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From the heat of Qatar

"It's so wonderful," was the statement of the visibly relieved players from Qatar after landing at Vienna's Schwechat airport. At a temperature difference of about 20°C this is well comprehensibly. The table tennis team of the "ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence" will be a guest at the Werner Schlager Academy.

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Foto: K.Bartuschek


Great day for WSA partners club SVS STRÖCK. The team secured in a duel with the freshly baked French champions Lille Pongiste the victory in the ETTU Cup and gained the first major international title in the first four years of club history.

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4000 cracked!

In less than a year after the start of the Werner Schlager Academy on July 26, 2013 in the world's largest social network, today a new "milestone" of "Likes" is scored.

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ITTF Course: Nanjing approaching

You realize Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014 (August 17 to 28) of Nanjing ( China) coming closer and closer, not least at the well known names of the training guests at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.

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SVS STRÖCK wins first thrilling final

It was a veritable hell ride for the new Austrian women table tennis champion SVS STRÖCK in the first final match to the ETTU Cup 2013/2014 in France....

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SVS Ströck is Austrian Champion

A few days before the first ETTU Cup final against Lille the SVS Ströck girls presented themselves in top form despite the stresses and strains at the World Team Championships in Tokyo (Japan) and secured the title in the easyTherm table tennis national league.

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The trophies

This was the "Barrel Tournament"

Last weekend the 10th Club WSA tournament took place at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat. To celebrate this anniversary, the tournament was held under the motto "Barrel Tournament". Besides

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WSA-players on the rise

There was good news for some players of the Werner Schlager Academy after their success at the World Team Championships in Tokyo (Japan). The latest Men and Women ITTF World ranking is published yet.

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Big success for WSA in Tokyo

China's table tennis aces (again) left their mark at the World Team Championships in Tokyo: first the Chinese men could beat Germany 3-1 in the final and then the women from the Middle Kingdom completed the double gold. But also the Werner Schlager Academy is one of the big winners of the Championships in Japan.

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Next stop: Tokyo

One of the absolute highlights from the perspective of (still) - celluloid aces (note: as of summer 2014 change to plastic balls) are undoubtedly the Table Tennis World Team Championships, starting 28 April 2014 in the Japanese capital.

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New players for SVS Ströck

Europe future hopes will strengthen SVS STRÖCK in the next season

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aMAZEing times at the WSA

The charismatic superstar is together with the Danish national team at the Werner Schlager Academy in preparation for the World Team Championships in Japan. He also took some time for an interview.

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See you in Nanjing Andre!

After a thrilling match and tears of happiness it was certainty. WSA player Andreas Levenko has just qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing (China) from 16th - 28th of August 2014. The 15 year-old Austrian fought hard for the biggest win in his young career.

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2 World Champions

Werner Schlager and Wang Liqin in an exhibition match .

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Stefan Fegerl
Stefan Fegerl

ITTF world rankings for April 2014

The new world rankings published by the International Table Tennis Federation once again proof the top form of the players of the Werner Schlager Academy. 12 athletes (men and women) of the WSA are ranked within the top 100.

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Tetyana Bilenko
Tetyana Bilenko

SVS Ströck dominates Linz!

The ETTU-Cup semifinal between SVS Ströck and LZ Linz was awaited with great anticipation. Our team showed a great performance with a 3:0 success. However, some little flaws were used by the players from Linz very well.

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Interview Neven Cegnar

Neven Cegnar - Croatian national team coach for 22 years, won 32 medals at European Championships and World Championships and was coach of one of the best European players ever, the former no. 2 in the world, Tamara Boroš.

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WSA on Google+

As of now Werner Schlager Academy can be found not only on Facebook but also is represented in another big social network: Google+

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Li Fen & Dimitrij Ovtcharov
Li Fen & Dimitrij Ovtcharov

European champions amongst themselves

With WSA key players such as Marcos Freitas , Robert Gardos , Alexander Shibaev , Chen Weixing, João Monteiro , Daniel Habesohn and many more , the term " world-class table tennis " was already commonplace in Schwechat.

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Club WSA - Change Training Schedule

The training schedule for the Club WSA training is changed a little bit.

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More than 3000 „Likes“ and no end in sight

Since launching Facebook presence of Werner Schlager Academy on July 26th, 2013 the number of followers of WSA in the biggest social network incredibly increased.

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Foto: ÖTTV

National Championships 2014 - WSA holds all the aces

The 84th Austrian Championships last weekend in Dornbirn brought some surprises, and once again proved that as well on national level the Werner Schlager Academy is the measure of all things.

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Foto: WSA

Learn from the World Champion!

WSA Table Tennis School: Service and Return course with Werner Schlager! Get tips for the two most important strokes in table tennis from the World Champion.

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Foto: K.Bartuschek

WSA-“baby” qualifies for the Youth Olympics

Tamolwan Khetkuen qualifies for the Youth Olympic games in China

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Stefan Fegerl, Foto: ITTF
Foto: ITTF

Fegerl cleaned up in Kuwait

Stefan Fegerl, WSA key player of the first hour, followed up on the impressive winning streak of his training partners and won the doubles title of the ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open alongside the Chinese Lin Gaoyuan.

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Photo: by courtesy of ITTF

Freitas wins DHS Europe Cup

After victories over WSA colleague Alexander Shibaev and France hope Adrien Mattenet, Freitas completed the perfect week with the title win in Lausanne.

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Sensational Danny Habesohn

Great success for WSA starter Daniel Habesohn (SVS Niederösterreich).

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Semifinal cracker

With a perfect total score of 6:0 against Dr. Casl Zagreb WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK has reached the semifinals in Women’s ETTU Cup.

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WSA rocks Super League

The ÖTTV Junior Super League is an Austria-wide 4-tournament series (two tournaments per half year) for junior players, played in several groups.

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SVS home matches on

Both the all-important second leg between SVS Ströck and STK Dr. Časl Zagreb in the ETTU Cup quarter-finals, as well as the showdown between SVS Niederösterreich and Vaillante Angers TT to the semi-finals of the ETTU Champions League will be shown live on Sunday and Monday live on

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Successful NÖ Open '14

94 Players - 187 Registrations - 8 Competitions - 7 Nations These are the numbers that prove that the Niederösterreich Open 2014, which took place at WSA on Sunday, 5th January 2014, were very successful.

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Visit of ‚Juanito‘

Considering his age, some players at the various ITTF tournaments could be his grandsons, but the Spanish old pro himself can’t be left on the shelf.

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