China's Elite at Work


Friday evening the China's national table tennis team arrived in Schwechat for the purpose of preparing for the ITTF World Championships in Rotterdam (8 – 15 May) at the Werner Schlager Academy.


20 players from “table tennis Hollywood,” including all the giants of the sport, such as Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Ma Long, Wang Liqin, Xu Xin and Zhang Jike (men) and Guo Yan, Li Xiaoxia, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and Guo Yue (women) working under the guidance of head coach Liu Guoliang (men) and Shi Zhihao (women) to put on the finishing touches to their games.


Participating in the training with the Chinese team are four key players from the Werner Schlager Academy: Daniela Dodean and Li Qiangbing (both SVS STRÖCK) and Joao Monteiro (Portugal) and Chen Weixing.


The Chinese stars were very impressed by the training conditions in Schwechat, paid tribute to the Multiversum “Multi-training” fitness center, and spoke very highly of the perfect conditions in the WSA hall.


With these champions, nothing is taken for granted before the World Championships.  Their warm-up is followed by a rigorous 120 minute training session on the table.  All observers of this spectacular performance realize why China has its own level of play and is in a league all its own.


The WSA players must give 101% to meet the extreme requirements of this training.


It was a great achievement for the Werner Schlager Academy to bring China's elite to Schwechat prior to the World Championships.  Austria's women's head coach Liu Yan Jun perfectly scheduled and organized the training week.


The presence of the Chinese players here is truly a great promotion worldwide for the Werner Schlager Academy.

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