China's superstars come to Schwechat



For the first time, from September 21 – 25, 2011, an ITTF Pro Tour event will be held at the newly established Werner Schlager Academy in the Multiversum located in the Austrian city of Schwechat, on the outskirts of Vienna.  And now, news has arrived that makes the table tennis heart beat faster.


From that week's Tuesday night on, the “table tennis gods” from China will be part of the last test before the European Championships in Gdansk (starting October 8th). China's Association has come before, with players and coaches and officials, in preparation for the Rotterdam World Championships.  Within five weeks of the Pro Tour tournament, the actual Chinese squad will be selected, with several of these World Championship stars here in September.


There is an emerging field of competitors, with the number of players that may break records for attendance. From today's perspective, one can expect around 450 athletes.


Austria itself will register a huge contingent. Many of our national stars of today can be admired as well as the Austrian hopes for the future.


5 € to admire the Chinese Aces


The lure of the table tennis spectacle in Schwechat is being offered at sensational prices.  You can connect with the tournament on the two qualifying days (Wednesday and Thursday) for 3 Euros. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the opportunity to see the Chinese, tickets are available for 5 Euros. In addition, there are club promotion and season ticket packages:


Category 1 (up to 18 years old / senior citizens aged 60 and over)

Wed/Thurs € 3

Fri/Sat/Sun € 5

Season ticket (all 5 days): € 15

Association Option / Tickets: 5 for € 60


Category 2 (adult)

Wed / Thurs € 5 each
Fri / Sat / Sun each € 10
Season ticket (all 5 days) € 25

Association Option / Tickets: 5 for € 100

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