22 WSA stars at European Team Championships in Lisbon in action


Chen Weixing

5 female and 5 male players - this is the contingent's limit for every nation at the Table Tennis
European Team Championships (24th - 28th September 2014) in Lisbon. Consequently the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) located in Schwechat / Austria will have the biggest team in the competition.

The enormous squad consists of 22 players from 15 different countries - they are all part of the (inter-)national WSA training group - who will participate in the European Team Championships for their home countries.

Numerous WSA athletes also have good chances to win a medal: Besides the German team, title holder and favorite for the gold medal, and the squad from Portugal (Marcos Freitas, João Monteiro) the Austrians male team is in a good position to medal in this competition. Also the Russian team with star player Alexander Shibaev who has practiced since some years in Schwechat dreams of winning a medal in Lisbon.

In the females competition Austria's (Li Qiangbing) and Sweden's (Matilda Ekholm) teams have some chances to reach a top 4 position in the end. Austria's reigning champion and ETTU-Cup winner SVNÖ Ströck sends the whole team to Lisbon. All players from SVNÖ Ströck with the exception of Daniela Dodean who is not ready after her knee surgery start for their home countries (Tetyana Bilenko, Marilda Ekholm, Lea Rakovac, Dora Madarasz).

To complete the whole WSA team our head coaches Richard Prause and Mario Amizic plus WSA's CEO Martin Sörös will be on the ground in Lisbon to represent the WSA the team apart from the tables.

WSA Team at the European Team Championships in Lisbon:
Rahel Aschwanden (Switzerland), Tetyana Bilenko (Ukraine), Sarah de Nutte (Luxembourg), Matilda Ekholm (Sweden), Alex Galic (Slovenia), Dora Madarasz (Hungary), Li Qiangbing (Austria), Lea Rakovac (Croatia), Andrea Todorovic (Serbia), Evgenija Vasiljeva (Ukraine)

Mihai Bobocica (Italy), Stefan Fegerl, Robert Gardos, Daniel Habesohn, Chen Weixing (all Austria), Marcos Freitas, João Monteiro (both Portugal), Stanislav Golovanov (Bulgaria), Tomas Konecny, Pavel Sirucek (both Czech Republic), Alexander Shibaev (Russia) and Matiss Burgis (Latvia).


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