Suddenly Lennox Lewis appeared in the WSA!


On Tuesday evening the WSA employees were amazed at what they saw. Suddenly a tall and muscularly stood in the WSA table tennis shop “Go Sports” who just wanted to buy a blade and some table tennis rubbers. Nothing spectacular as one may say.


But after watching the always spectacular training of the international WSA training group he obstructed WSA head coach Richard Prause in a typical boxer’s pose: “Hey, I am Lennox Lewis. I enjoy watching table tennis!”


The former heavyweight boxing world champion who was on a spontaneous visit in Austria was one of the most famous boxers of all times.


In his career he was not only able to win against Evander Holyfield but also to beat Mike Tyson (2002, Memphis, round 8) and Vitali Klitschko (2003, Los Angeles, round 6) with knock-out victories – a brilliant achievement!


Afterwards he retired when he was the reigning world champion.


The famous visitor was not long undiscovered among the WSA players. As fast as possible selfies were taken and autographs collected. Portugal’s European team champion Joao Monteiro, France’s hope for the future Marie Migot and Austrian team player Martin Storf were the first to take a photo with Lennox Lewis.


Now the international table tennis community definitely knows who the strongest table tennis player ever is …


Photo: Lennox Lewis with "Go Sports"-employee Florian Welles

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