Semifinal cracker



With a perfect total score of 6:0 against Dr. Casl Zagreb WSA partner club SVS STRÖCK has reached the semifinals in Women’s ETTU Cup.


European champion Li Fen, the WM-Ninth Tetyana Bilenko and the Hungarian team player Petra Lovas gave off in six matches only three sets.

Next opponent will be the team of LZ Linz Froscberg and now the schedule for the two matches is fixed:


The first semi-final match will be on Monday 10 March (18.00) held at the Sportpark Lissfeld in Linz, the second (and decisive for the rise) match is on Monday, 24 March (19:00) at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.

The tickets for the Austria-internal semifinal cracker are available for

5 Euros. World-class table tennis is again guaranteed.

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