Sensational Danny Habesohn



Great success for WSA starter Daniel Habesohn (SVS Niederösterreich).


The ÖTTV team player secured at the Hungarian Open in Szombathely by a 4-2 victory over the German Steffen Mengel his first individual title on the ITTF World Tour.

Not much has been missing and it would have come to a purely Austrian final in Hungary. Stefan Fegerl failed only in the semi-finals on Mengel .

The top results in Szombathely document one more time the excellent work of the WSA coaching staff in Schwechat, which gradually brings - in coordination with the ÖTTV team - the players of the national and international WSA training group ever closer to the world-class.

Congratulations also to Linz: Austria's number one Liu Jia also won the tournament title in the women's. She prevailed in the final against the Hungarian Georgina Pota 4-3.

Right from the start of the year 2014, Austrian table tennis has given a strong sign of life.

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