Successful NÖ Open '14



94 Players - 187 Registrations - 8 Competitions - 7 Nations


These are the numbers that prove that the Niederösterreich Open 2014 carried out by Club WSA and sponsored by the Niederösterreichischen Versicherung on Sunday, 5th of January 2014, were very successful. Two third of the WSA were occupied by 16 tables where the players fought for the crown in their competitions. All in all 345 matches with 21.778 rallies were played during the tournament.


The highlight of the day was the final between WSA player David Serdaroglu (TTV Wiener Neudorf) and Balazs Fixl (SG Pottenbrunn) in the open singles competition. But also the other competitions showed numerous exciting matches full of passion and fighting spirit.


The next big tournament in Werner Schlager Academy is already scheduled: On 04th May 2014 the 10. Club WSA Tournament will take place - a jubilee to celebrate!




Singles Open:

  1. David Serdaroglu (TTV Wieder Neudorf)
  2. Balazs Fixl (SG Pottenbrunn)
  3. Aleksandar Sekulic (ESV Amstetten)


Singles Landesliga:

  1. Balazs Fixl (SG Pottenbrunn)
  2. Aleksandar Sekulic (ESV Amstetten)
  3. Radovan Debnar (SV Sierndorf)


Singles 1750 Points:

  1. Pavlina Rajtokova (Msk. Malacky)
  2. Samuel Fiedler (Polizei SV)
  3. Georg Kern (Union Raika Zistersdorf)


Singles 1500 Points:

  1. Peter Nemeth sen. (kein Verein)
  2. Petra Vidovicova (Msk. Malacky)
  3. Ronald Kranzl (ASKÖ Ybbs)


Singles 1175 Points:

  1. Gerald Peter (TTK Naturfreunde Stadlau)
  2. Marcel Dudek (Union Sparkasse Korneuburg)
  3. Markus Kamreiner (BBSV Vordernberg)


Singles 750 Points:

  1. Gerald Peter (TTK Naturfreunde Stadlau)
  2. Krisztian Szeleczky (kein Verein)
  3. Marcel Dudek (Union Sparkasse Korneuburg)


Doubles Open:

  1. Balazs Fixl (SG Pottenbrunn) / Peter Nemeth jun. (kein Verein)
  2. Clemens Gal (Union Raiffeisen Oberndorf) / Jörg Pichler (ATUS Gumpoldskirchen)
  3. Daniel Lung / András Markó (beide Turris SE Sopron)


Doubles 3000 Points:

  1. Georg Kern (Union Raika Zistersdorf) / Bernd Öhler (Union Sparkasse Korneuburg)
  2. Daniel Lichtenegger / Raimund Portner (beide BBSV Vordernberg)
  3. Sonita Habesohn / Michael Heger (beide Union Sparkasse Korneuburg)



You can find the detailed results here:

Tournament Software - Niederösterreich Open 2014


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