First victory for SVNÖ Ströck


SVNÖ Ströck team
Photo: K. Bartuschek

Finally they made it! With a brilliant performance the SVNÖ Ströck team won their first match in the current Champions League season.


Therefore they had to fight hard against the guests from Szekzard AC. The team from Szekszard AC is ranked above the Ströck team, but the girls were not easily impressed and showed a big effort.


In the first match Matilda Ekholm was on the top when she beat Kata Toth in three straight games. Toth could only win 12 points in the whole match (11:3, 11:3, 11:6).


Dora Madarasz made the preliminary decision in the next match when she played against Szekszard’s number one, Alexa Szvitas. The match was a crime thriller with very close results but in the end Dora beat her opponent with 12:10 in the final fifth game (11:6, 11:6, 9:11, 5:11, 12:10).


The next match was between the Ukrainian Tetyana Bilenko and Ex-Ströck-player Li Fen. In the first game Bilenko showed flawless performance and could win it with 11:6 points. Then, unfortunately, Li Fen had to give up in the second game because of an injury which brought the third victory to the SVNÖ Ströck team (11:6, 11:1, 11:0).


This victory is the basis for a successful season in the current Champions League. There is only one match left and this match will bring the decision for SVNÖ Ströck. “We are still alive and we will fight for the semi-final”, stressed STROCK`s president Martin SOROS just few minutes after the clash against Hungarian club. “Our team gave more than 100 percent tonight, especially Tetyana Bilenko who improves her play, game by game. Now we have 50-50 % against Zamek. They are faced with big pressure than our girls and we are looking forward to that match”.


The decision for entering the semi-finals will be made on the next Friday, when the Ströck team fights against Zamek Tarnobrzeg for the precious points in Group A. If SVNÖ Ströck wins this match the qualification for the semi-finals is almost safe. Due to the impressive strength of Fenerbahce Istanbul in the previous matches their victory against Szekszard AC is almost sure. So it is up to the Ströck team to fulfil their dreams.


So, cross your fingers and knock on wood for the last, deciding match!

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