ITTF hosts seminar at WSA


In the last week the ITTF hosted a ITTF Competition Manager seminar from 6th to 8th October at WSA in Schwechat. Prospective Competition Managers from all world participated in the 3-day event.


Right because of the rising number of international tournaments hosted by ITTF the need for new ITTF Competition Managers has ascended. Therefore Karl Jindrak - ITTF Director of Competition - invited for a ITTF Competition Manager seminar in Schwechat to instruct the new Managers for their new tasks.


They used the the ITTF Europe Office which is located in WSA building and offers the perfect circumstances for a professional seminar.


Besides the seminar some participants used their chance to play table tennis in the WSA sportshall which is an ITTF Hot Spot Training Center and is constructed and equipped for table tennis only.

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