Historical signing of a contract between the WSA and the city of Schwechat


With great pleasure we announce that the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) and the City of Schwechat have signed a long-awaited cooperation agreement, which grants a maximum of peace and security for all project partners in the next years.


This cooperation agreement was now signed by the city council of Schwechat and is therefore legally valid.


With the signing of the contract, the municipality of Schwechat and the Werner Schlager Academy finally draw a line under years of heavy and long-lasting disputes.


“We’ve tried to place the cooperation between the city and the WSA on a healthy basis for years. This was not possible. The greater the relief that we have found, in a comparatively quick manner, a reasonable solution with the new city leadership under Mayor Gerhard Frauenberger. " said WSA CEO Martin Sörös.


The Werner Schlager Academy, which has developed to one of the top names in table tennis worldwide despite fierce headwind from the local politics of Schwechat, is now able to devote all the attention to the development of the project “WSA”.


The WSA was already bursting at the seams quite often. Every day trainings sessions are held on up to 30 tables. Representatives from 150 nations have already visited the WSA. In addition to the sporting value, the Academy also produces a considerable added value for the region, state and federal governments.


All the missions are from now on supplied to a higher stage of development.


The next focus is on national high-performance as well as on the further expansion of the international character of the WSA. For this purpose, we will provide you with further exciting news in the next few weeks.


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