From the heat of Qatar



"It's so wonderful," was the statement of the visibly relieved players from Qatar after landing at Vienna's Schwechat airport. At a temperature difference of about 20°C this is well comprehensibly.



The table tennis team of the "ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence" will be a guest at the Werner Schlager Academy.

The athletes from the desert emirate at the Persian Gulf are here in Austria for the third time due to a training block at the end of the season. The tasks ahead are not too far away for the Arab table tennis aces: "We will soon have to start preparing for the new season.

The Arab Championships in late August are a big highlight for us. But especially for one of our best players (note: Abdulrahman AL-NAGGAR), who has qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, early preparation is very important", said the experienced coach of Qatar Zlatko Novakovic. A perfectly tempered hall as well as the light (up to 1500lx) and the Champions League floor (Gerflor) provide perfect conditions beyond compare. And they are well supported by the coaching team around Dirk Wagner.

"Everything here is just perfect for us. We have a young team, so the technique and movement training is very important for us. Many sparring partners of all levels and playing styles are perfect for us. Our guys are very happy here, so we will always come back to Schwechat" so also highly pleased coach Novakovic said.

The Werner Schlager Academy wishes the players, coaches and assistants of the "ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence" all the best and big success for the coming tasks.


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