aMAZEing times at the WSA


The charismatic superstar is together with the Danish national team at the Werner Schlager Academy in preparation for the World Team Championships in Japan. He also took some time for an interview.


*) Michael, first of all great to have you here. We hope you’re enjoying your time at the Werner Schlager Academy as much as possible.

The Training is good so far. It’s a nice place here. We have everything: the hotel is nearby; we have also a great training group and the best coaches. There’s everything for good preparation here.


*) How old you have been starting with table tennis and what / who motivated you to do?

I started when I was six years old. I just played with some friends, and I think it was funny. After that I told my mother I want to play in the local club. I felt that it was funny from the beginning. So I kept playing since there.


*) What are your short- and long-term goals for the future?

The short term goal is of course the Team World Championship in Japan. I think it’s very important for Denmark to stay in group “A”. It’s important for the future and the young players.

The long term goal is to win a major title again, and therefore I’m playing. Rio (Note: Rio de Janeiro -Olympic Games 2016) is not that far away and there are World Championships next year as well. We have many big events in a short period. I hope to play well there.


*) So, you’re gonna be “Big in Japan” hopefully?

Yeah, of course – it would be nice to make a good result in Japan. It’s a good opportunity for me to play some matches. I was injured for a very long time. I need some matches. Especially for Danish table tennis it’s important to make a good result.


*) You started with Yoga?

I’ve been there twice already. I think it’s very important to practice something different sometimes. Yoga can be good for table tennis players because we stand in the same position every day. I’ll start to do that more often.


*) What do you think are the advantages of the Werner Schlager Academy?

The WSA is very good for European table tennis. It’s an opportunity for the best players to practice together; a very good hall and coaches as well. I think it’s very important that the best European players meet more and more often to practice together. If we want to have a chance against China we need to stay together and here you’ve a good opportunity for that.


*) Which meaning has the tattoo on your left arm?

There are many tattoos on my arm. They have different meanings. It’s something personal.


*) What's the truth about the rumours with your Poker and TV-host career?

I was never a TV-host (smiling). I played Poker for fun. Like I said I was injured for a long time. So I had a lot of free time. Some of my very good friends back at home live from Poker. Sometimes I travel with them.


*) In which else sports are you interested in?

I like golf. I just started playing 2-3 weeks ago for the first time. I was never into golf, but I think I’ll change my opinion. I think it’s a very nice game. I am very bad at the moment, but I hope to get better and better.


*) Your favourite music?

I don’t really have a favourite one. It depends on my mood. I like everything from Rock to Pop. If I should pick up a band it would be ‘Coldplay’ – it’s a very good band.


*) What is your personal motto?

My personal motto is to be honest to myself in anything I do in life, especially in sport. If you have some goals you want to reach, fight for them. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t pretend that you want everything if you’re not willing to suffer for it.


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