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Great day for WSA partners club SVS STRÖCK. The team secured in a duel with the freshly baked French champions Lille Pongiste the victory in the ETTU Cup and gained the first major international title in the first four years of club history.

The 3-2 win in the first final in Lille 14 days ago was followed by a breathtaking thriller at the Werner Schlager Academy that at its end was a 3-2 victory for Lille.

Also, the rate ratio did not yield any decision in favor of either team (17:17), so each item had to be counted. This 319:296 had SVS STRÖCK in the lead and in the end shouting and cheering at European champion Li Fen, Petra Lovas, Tetyana Bilenko and Daniela Dodean (who had to be re-operated on knee a few days before, therefore could not play and will have to pause till October).

The whole team and the coaches Aya Umemura and Tamara Boros deserve applause without end.

And big thanks also to the loyal sponsors of the team: the bakery STRÖCK, the Province of Lower Austria, Sportland NÖ and the sports outfitter Butterfly.

In just four years SVS STRÖCK has become a true trademark in the European women table tennis and is on par with Champions League winners TTC Berlin Eastside and Fenerbahce Istanbul. These should be the three teams that will shape Europe's women table tennis in the next years or decades.

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