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Ströck Team 2013/2014
Ströck Team 13/14

SVNÖ STRÖCK, WSA’s partner club, got a nice award in the last week. Austria’s Champion in the women’s Bundesliga has won the ETTU Cup which is the first big title for the club in the last season. Therefore the team was nominated for the election “Sportsman of the Year 2014” of Lower Austria and could win a place among the Top 5 teams in Lower Austria – for the second time in the short four-year-history of the club.


The ceremonial award took place in the NV-Arena in St. Pölten under the watchful eyes of NÖ-Landesrätin for sports Petra Bohuslav, Raiffeisen-boss Erwin Hameseder and other leading figures from politics, economy, sports and media. During the ceremony some very beautiful and emotional TV-scenes of the STRÖCK team’s successes were shown to the audience.


But it is not too long until the next challenge waits for the young team. On Monday, Oct 27 2014, SVNÖ STRÖCK welcomes the Polish champion KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg for the first home match in the Euopean Women’s Champions League at 7 p.m. in the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.

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