ITTF Course: Nanjing approaching



You realize Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014 (August 17 to 28) of Nanjing (China) coming closer and closer, not least at the well known names of the training guests at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.


The 'Stars of Tomorrow' were now guests at the home of many today's top stars such as Marcos Freitas, Alexander Shibaev or Robert Gardos to prepare for the Olympic highlight the end of August. Due to the close cooperation with the premium partner of the first hour, the International Table Tennis World Federation (ITTF), the Werner Schlager Academy twice hosted the "ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge". In the years 2011 and 2013 at these talent scouting events, which are a significant component of the WSA philosophy, some hopeful newcomers were seen. One of them, Adina Diaconu of Romania, was at just one of these events in the WSA. In addition to numerous national successes in her home, the 14-year-old also could qualify for Nanjing. Together with her ​​colleague, Maria-Pia Lorenzotti from Uruguay, she trained for a week in excellent conditions and with possibly Europe’s best coaching team.
Already qualified for Nanjing young WSA key players such as Andre Levenko (Austria), SVS -Girl Tamolwan Khetkuen (Thailand), Kirill Gerasimenko (Kazakhstan) and Gremlins ' Andreina ' Arvelo (Venezuela) feverishly prepare for Youth Olympics as well.
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