WSA Head Coach Richard Prause coaches Europe


WSA Head Coach Richard Prause was accorded the honour of coaching the European team against the Asian team in the Euro-Asia competition at the following weekend in the Chinese Zhang Jia Gang. In this competition a selection of European top players fights against the best Asian players, e.g. Chinese top star Xu Xin or Japanese table tennis legend Jun Mizutani.


The ETTU chose Prause - well aware of the high experience that Prause who was former German national team coach for men and women has collected relating to the Asian players.


But the task to beat the Asians at this mega event will be badly difficult because the European team is weakened by some injury and illness problems. For example WSA star players Marcos Freitas (Portugal) and Alexander Shibaev (Russia) are not able to join the competition which is live broadcasted by the Chinese sports channel CCTV.


Instead of them another WSA top player joins the European team, Austria’s number one Robert Gardos.


WSA premium partner is the official supplier for this highly interesting event.


The matches take place on two days, each day five matches will be played. The Asian team is without doubt the true favourite. “It is completely clear that we are the underdog, but I can promise that we will try everything to pressure our big opponents. We will use every chance that we get to attack them”, said Richard Prause immediately before his departure to China.


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