WSA starts a spectacular collaboration with Chengdu


Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) in Schwechat has started a spectacular collaboration with the Chinese metropolis Chengdu-Xindu this week.


The cooperation started with a one-week training camp from a group of young Chinese players. Coach of the group was the well-known Olympic champion in 1988, Chen Longcan.


The training camp was also used for an interesting comparison between the players from China and the European top players who prepare for the new season at WSA. WSA is already bursting at the seams and will be over-booked during whole August!


But the cooperation with Chengdu, which is a metropolis with 11 million inhabitants, will not only include table tennis but also economic and touristic activities in and in the near surroundings of Schwechat – and of course the city of Schwechat. Besides Chen Longcan the training group was accompanied by two potent politicians from Chengdu who discussed further projects with Schwechat’s mayor, Gerhard Fraunberger, and the WSA managers.


Since its opening in January 2011 WSA has convinced of a high affinity to China. For example the Chinese national team has already visited WSA three times (2011, 2012, 2013) for a one-week training camp due to preparation for big table tennis events in Europe.


Contemporaneous WSA discusses possible further collaborations with other partners from China. We will keep you informed …

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