WSA player performed well in Stockerau



In a total of 11 competition classes the Austrian disabled championships were held in Stockerau last weekend. At the start also five players who are regularly training at the Werner Schlager Academy:


Patrick Angelli, Patrick Hahn, Rudolf Guth, Christian Saiger and Christian Scheiber.

In the individual competition in his class Patrick Angelli achieved a respectable result in his group and showed a very good playing performance against much more experienced players – among others, against Andreas Vevera, Olympic gold medalist 2008.

Things went even better for Christian Saiger, who was able to record two third places for himself.

A dream has come true for Christian Scheiber this weekend. Although he failed in the open class (WK 6-10) against Rene Gutdeutsch, he could prevail over all competitors in his competition class (WK 7). He became Austrian champion the second consecutive year.

The WSA congratulates all participants on their sporting achievements and successes. We are happy to assist you in your training and hope for many more medals!

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