Awesome Triumph for SVNÖ STRÖCK Stars


A great victory has been achieved by a young player, who has recently joined the international WSA training group in summer 2014.


Lea Rakovac, 17-year-old Croatian who plays in the season 2014/2015 for the Austrian national champion SVNÖ STRÖCK, won the European Top 10 tournament in the French city Tours. Rakovac demonstrated her extraordinary table tennis skills as she did not lose a single match in the whole tournament. Her achievement emphasises her supremacy inside of the European Youth players. By the way she could win every match in the current season 2014/2015 for SVNÖ STRÖCK.


Besides another SVNÖ STRÖCK youth player was very successful at the last weekend. Jessica Zlatilova, 15-year-old student from Schwechat, stood up to all her opponents in the Superliga in Kapfenberg and could win all matches.


WSA congratulates both SVNÖ STRÖCK talents!

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