Sayaka Hirano
Photo: YouTube

Sensationalist transfer for SVNÖ Ströck

SVNÖ STRÖCK engages Japanese superstar Sayaka Hirano

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Photo: Zimbio

European Games in Baku

On the 12th of June 2015 a new major event in sports was brought to life- the first ever European Games started in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. This event is similar to the Olympic Games with the one distinction that only athletes from the National Olympic Committees of Europe were authorized to participate.

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Christian Scheiber
Photo: Scheiber

National Champion: He did the triple!

The reigning Austrian champion in table tennis for disabled class 7 Christian Scheiber defended his title and could win the title three times in a row.

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Christian Scheiber
Photo: Scheiber

Fighting for the Salzburg Bull

On Saturday, May 23 2015 the seventh Salzburg Open took place on the Olympic Centre Rif/Hallein. All in all 24 players - invited by the Salzburg club for sports for the disabled – participated in the tournament. Christian Scheiber represented the Burgenland organisation for the sports for disabled for the second time at the Salzburg Open.

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The Table Tennis Championships 2015 break all records!

Approximately 450 Million People worldwide watched this years’ Table Tennis Championships in China-a fabulous new record. In China alone 252 million people were interested in the event.

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Tamolwan Khetkuen

New World Rankings

Big improve by the WSA players in the World Rankings: Many of the players of our international training group made a big step forward in the World Rankings that were published immediately after the World Championships.

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