Free training session in St. Veit

The winner of the WSA raffle for a free training session was the table tennis club St. Veit an der Gölsen...

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WSA player performed well in Stockerau

In a total of 11 competition classes the Austrian disabled championships were held in Stockerau last weekend.

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From the heat of Qatar

"It's so wonderful," was the statement of the visibly relieved players from Qatar after landing at Vienna's Schwechat airport. At a temperature difference of about 20°C this is well comprehensibly. The table tennis team of the "ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence" will be a guest at the Werner Schlager Academy.

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Foto: K.Bartuschek


Great day for WSA partners club SVS STRÖCK. The team secured in a duel with the freshly baked French champions Lille Pongiste the victory in the ETTU Cup and gained the first major international title in the first four years of club history.

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4000 cracked!

In less than a year after the start of the Werner Schlager Academy on July 26, 2013 in the world's largest social network, today a new "milestone" of "Likes" is scored.

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ITTF Course: Nanjing approaching

You realize Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014 (August 17 to 28) of Nanjing ( China) coming closer and closer, not least at the well known names of the training guests at the Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat.

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