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Photo: WSA

WSA at the World Championships in Suzhou – 1

Richard Prause, WSA Head Coach and prominent representative of the Werner Schlager Academy at the World Table Tennis Championships 2015 in Suzhou, has already flown to the Chinese metropolis on last Wednesday and was on site for the traditional Butterfly evening before the competition starts.

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Marcos Freitas
Photo: ITTF

WSA Star Marcos Freitas reaches for the stars

Marcos Freitas, reigning European Team Champion and permanent member of the international WSA training group since 2 years, could consolidate his position among the top players in the world in the latest ITTF world ranking.

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Sarah de Nutte
Photo: K. Bartuschek

24 WSA Players participate in the WC in China

The international table tennis’ highlight 2015 approaches rapidly: the World Table Tennis Championships in the Chinese city Suzhou (April, 26 – May, 3). Again and again the Chinese competitors will be the favourites for the titles and will be hunted by the rest of the world.

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Photo: Guangzhou

WSA proposes an agreement with Guangzhou

The Werner Schlager Academy, founded in 2010 and now well established as a world class training centre in the heart of Europe, has now taken a further step forward in widening its range of item on an ever growing itinerary.

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Prause Schimmelpfennig
Photo: DTTB

Richard Prause returns home

The „lost son“ returns home to Germany. For almost five years the former DTTB national team coach for the women’s and later for the men’s team has worked in Wien-Schwechat. As WSA Head Coach – together with Düsseldorf’s former Head Coach Dirk Wagner and coach legend Mario Amizic – he built up the world training centre “Werner Schlager Academy” (WSA).

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Tetyana Bilenko
Photo: K. Bartuschek

WSA-Players (Women) on the rise!

Tetyana Bilenko (Ukraine), who has reached the ninth place at the World Championships 2013 in Paris and plays for the reigning Austrian Team Champion SVNÖ STRÖCK, could go upward by 26 places. Reaching the quarter finals at the Qatar Open she improved on rank 62.

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