WSA Head Coach Richard Prause coaches Europe

WSA Head Coach Richard Prause was accorded the honour of coaching the European team against the Asian team in the Euro-Asia competition at the following weekend in the Chinese Zhang Jia Gang.

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Suddenly Lennox Lewis appeared in the WSA!

On Tuesday evening the WSA employees were amazed at what they saw. Suddenly a tall and muscularly stood in the WSA table tennis shop “Go Sports” who just wanted to buy a blade and some table tennis rubbers. Nothing spectacular as one may say.

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SVNÖ Ströck ladies fought bravely

WSA’s partner club SVNÖ STRÖCK fought bravely in the first home match of the current European Champions League against the favourite team KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg (Poland). After more than three hours they lost unfortunately with 2-3 points.

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Ströck Team 2013/2014
Ströck Team 13/14

Likeable award for SVNÖ Ströck

Austria’s Champion in the women’s Bundesliga has won the ETTU Cup which is the first big title for the club in the last season. Therefore the team was nominated for the election “Sportsman of the Year 2014” of Lower Austria and could win a place among the Top 5 teams in Lower Austria

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World Cup Fever in Düsseldorf and Linz

At the Men’s World Cup in Düsseldorf (24. – 26. Oct) the international training group of the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA) is represented by two famous players: Austria’s number one Robert Gardos and Portugal’s newly European Team Champion Marcos Freitas.

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CL-Highlight at WSA

WSA partner club SVNÖ STRÖCK is confronted with a big task – the home match premiere in the new Champions League season 2014/2015. On Monday, Oct 27, 2014 (19.00 / 7 p.m.) the Austrian Champion and reigning ETTU-Cup Winner SVNÖ Ströck welcomes the Polish Champion KTS Zamek Tarnobrzeg.

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