Weekly Training

All players know that the only way to improve or at least stay at the same level is practise. Therefore WSA Table Tennis School offers a weekly group practise for everyone – competition players, hobby players and beginners. It is meant as additional practise for you besides your practise in your club.


The weekly practise is guided by a WSA coach. The coach will focus on your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to improve your table tennis skills in the best way. We offer you extensive information and training contents like technique, tactic, footwork, service and return, coordination, physical fitness and competition practise.


All players can join the weekly practise. With our possibilities as one of the world’s largest table tennis centers we can offer everyone the practise she or he needs.

Training Schedule

The weekly training takes place at:


  • Tuesday: 18.30 – 20.30
  • Thursday: 18.30 – 20.30


To attend the weekly practise you need to be a current WSA member.

Here you can find some information: WSA Membership



10x training-ticket: 199,- Euro

Subscription: 89,- Euro per month


With our 10x – ticket you can attend the weekly practise ten times. It is a personal ticket and cannot be transferred to someone else. If you have unused units left, we do not repay them. If you lose your ticket we can create a new one for you which costs a fee of 10,- Euro.


You can order the 10x – ticket at our GoSports-Shop or via email to: tischtenisschule@wsa-tt.com


Our subscription offer enables you to join every weekly practise in a month. The subscription is only valid for the weekly training and has a minimum contract period of 6 months. It can be resigned with a one month period of cancellation. The subscritpion renews automatically for another period of 6 months if no notice of cancellation was received.

You can pause the subscription by month if you send us a written information up to 5 days before the month you want to pause starts. If you pause a month you cannot attend the weekly training and no subscription fee is charged. Paused months will be added to the contract period.

Please write us an email to tischtennisschule@wsa-tt.com to subscribe for the weekly training.

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Test our weekly training!

Up to two times you can test our weekly training for free!

Please register for testing by email to: tischtennisschule@wsa-tt.com