YouTube video series "Ask the Coach"


The WSA has started a new series on YouTube called "Ask the Coach" with WSA Head Coach Richrard Prause in the last week.


The series stars with some excerpts from a question&answer round that Richard Prause gave for a group of the WSA Table Tennis School. He answered their questions from the point of view of a world-class table tennis coach and gave some interesting insights into the professional world of table tennis.


In the first part of the series Richard Prause answered the question "what are the imprtant talent factors for a table tennis player?" In the second part that is published today he will give some advices how to serve with a good tactics and when to use the best and most dangerous service.


In the next weeks we will publish a new part on every Sunday. After that it is your chance to ask your questions to Richard Prause and we will continue the series with your questions.


You can find the WSA YouTube channel here:

  WSA Table Tennis Channel

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