WSA triumph at the World Premiere



The Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat wrote again a little piece of history.

For the first time in the history of the sport - at the Serbia Youth and Student Open in Vrnjacka Banja - a team started under the name of WSA.



The WSA quasi as a nation. The world-training center in the heart of Europe as a world team of the future?

In cooperation with the ITTF, the WSA players Andrea Clapa (Romania), Prachi Jha (USA) and Tamolwan Khetkuen (Thailand / SVS STRÖCK) and Christopher Wheeler (Scotland), Tomas Polansky (Czech Republic) and Kanak Jha (USA) called for the team competition of the students.

Before the tournament a training camp under the leadership of the WSA-Star trainers Tamara Boros (former world No. 2) and Aya Umemura (previously number 11 in the world) was organized in the WSA. The care in Serbia took over Tamara Boros. And with great success:

The girls' team won at his very first appearance in the WSA Dress the tournament (3-1 in the final against Russia) and the boys team secured silver.

With the installation of this high-caliber junior teams the Werner Schlager Academy and the ITTF set a next milestone in their long-standing cooperation.

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