WSA rocks Dortmund



Until the upcoming World Championships in Germany, up to 100 players from 22 nations are preparing for the competition at the Werner Schlager Academy.


The big departure from the WSA for Dortmund will occur on 23 March, including the highlighly heralded Chinese National Team.


The Werner Schlager Academy training group will have a large contingent at these World Championships. Among the athlets, who to a large extent live in Schwechat and were nominated by their national federations for this tournament are: Daniela Dodean (SVS Ströck / Romania), Ying Fan (SVS Ströck / China), Joao Monteiro (Portugal), Mihai Bobocica (Italy), William Henzell, who has just qualified for the Olympic Games in London (Australia), and Mattis Burgis (Latvia).

Then there is the complete Austrian team of men, with Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Robert Gardos, Daniel Habesohn, and Stefan Fegerl, as well as the newly crowned two-time national champion Li Qiangbing (SVS Ströck).


And there is still more.


WSA coach Dimitrij Levenko will serve (in accordance with our contractual agreement), as the head coach for the Iranian team in Dortmund.


WSA head coach Dirk Wagner is invited to Dortmund in order to make an Advanced Training for Trainers for the German Table Tennis federation. With Richard Prause, another WSA head coach is employed to function as the chief analyst for the ITTF broadcasts and with WSA head coach Mario Amizic to be a representative for the WSA and our premium partner Butterfly.

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