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Some of the players of the (inter-) national training group of the Werner Schlager Academy have made partly big steps forward in this month’s ITTF World Ranking.


Outstanding: ÖTTV-player Stefan Fegerl who celebrated victories against Chinas Olympic Champion Zhang Jike and Portugals Vice-European Champion Marcos Freitas at the Polish Open. He went from position 42 to 23 and is therefore classified as good as never before.


Nevertheless, Fegerl is not Austrias number 1 due to the fact that also his team-mate Robert Gardos improved from the 26th to the 22nd place.


This months’ ranking also means a new career high for Portugals superstar Marcos Freitas who lives and practices in Schwechat since two years. He moved forward for one position and is now the worlds’ number 7 (ahead of Timo Boll).


For the players of the (inter-) national WSA-Women training group, it also went up:

Matilda Ekholm (SVNÖ Ströck) improved from 71 to 66 and her SVNÖ Ströck colleague Lily Zhang can now be found on position 93 instead of 98. The other SVNÖ Ströck players Tamolwan Khetkuen (from 160 to 132) and Marie Migot (from 254 to 197) also show that they are on the right path.


The world rankings can be found here:

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